by Mugstar

  • Lime LP

    Original pressing on Agitated Records. Licensed from Important Records.
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Sunburnt Impedence Machine 7:42

Serra 13:18

Radar King 11:30

Beyond The Sun 7:33

The album begins with a dark, brooding and angst ridden track that announces itself like the driver of another car tailing too close to your vehicle. Called “Sunburnt Impendence Machine”, The vocal is primal, screaming out its frustration and perhaps relieving the artist of the built up and pent up attention. As the track thunders along, you can seen that musically, Mugstar have got a lot on their mind and a lot to tell you and like all psychedelic bands that follow the unwritten rules of the genre,Mugstar adhere to this by creating 4 epic tracks of scintillating music.

When the second track “Serra” begins I cannot help but think of influences ranging from Jean Michele Jarre and E.L.O to name a few being behind the collective and talented musical brain that is Mugstar. This is band who acknowledges their roots and you can cherry pick the influences that have driven this band. I am sure Pink Floyd and The Doors have etched their agenda onto the band’s minds. However, conjecture aside, the track is very thoughtful and you can tell that much effort and dedication has gone into writing it. Everything flow very nicely from start to end with organ and guitar sounds floating beautifully over a regimented drum beat.

The third song “Radar King” certainly shakes you out of the tranquil trance that the previous one soothed you into. The throbbing riff and the passion that has gone into the playing of the track just lets you know that this band is not afraid to mix it up at all; you don’t have longevity and a dedicated fan base by being boring and uninspiring and this is why Mugstar are as well liked as they are.

The final song; “Beyond The Sun” saunters the album to a gentle and reassuring end. Starting off slowly, almost simmering ready to bring the music to boil. I cannot help but liken it to film scores that accompanied the famous Fulci zombie movies in the 80s; which is quite ironic given the fact that the band has recently been commissioned to score a film. This track is definitely less obtrusive than its predecessor and that I not a bad thing at all. It shows that this band is willing to have versatility in their set and not just bombard you with the hard stuff which can be a little overwhelming to take in some of the time.

Treat yourself to a bit of Mugstar this summer, you won’t regret it. - The Middle Boop


released May 26, 2015



Captcha Records California


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